About 10-Minute Tech Comm

The Show

The 10-Minute Tech Comm podcast began in 2014 to provide short, engaging interviews with technical communication scholars, experts, and practitioners. The show takes an expansive view of technical communication, avoids complex theory and jargon, bridges the divide between academia, industry, and the public, and works to bring a diverse array of voices into tech comm conversations.

The 10-Minute Tech Comm logo and website were designed by Rinata Bauzhanova and Aundrea Alexander.

The Host

Ryan Weber teaches technical writing, proposal writing, editing, and other courses at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he also serves as the Director of Business and Technical Writing. He received his PhD from Purdue University and has published in Technical Communication, Technical Communication Quarterly, and several other journals. Additionally, he edits the Student Perspectives column for the STC magazine Intercom. Email Ryan at rw0019@uah.edu to get more information about the show or to provide episode requests and feedback!